Build Offshore Development Teams to Expand Business Capabilities

Tired of filling in vacant positions through individual hirings? Want to augment your workforce with pre-designed yet fully modular well-rounded, ready-to-go teams? We help you put together your dream offshore development team in just a few clicks!

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    Why Choose Us As Your Offshore
    Development Team Partner?

    We Do All The Legwork

    Bypass all the effort that goes into sourcing, testing, recruiting, and onboarding talent - without compromising on the quality. We are here to handle everything!

    Enjoy the Result

    Our end-to-end project handling capabilities ensure that you stay laser-focused on the results rather than working out the logistics or behind-the-scenes actions of it.

    Project Delivery as Per Timelines

    The combo of parallel team operations and subject matter experts ensure timely project delivery. Even if a member fails to perform, they can be replaced without impacting deadlines.

    Short and Sweet

    The entire hiring process takes less than two weeks. And even though you have the convenience of not having to step out in the field, you are still highly involved throughout the process.

    Better Team-Goal Alignment

    Each team member is handpicked to fulfill a certain role and to deliver specific results expected from our customers. Such an approach to team building ensures that all your needs are met.

    Pre-Vetted Experts

    We perform tests across a spectrum of technical and non-technical skills so that only the cream of the crop makes it to the team. Only the best will work on your team.


    Why Should You Invest in
    Offshore Development Teams?

    Hiring an offshore development team can fetch you the following benefits:

    Cost Reduction

    Typically, countries rendering offshore development services do so at lower costs. Further, companies do not have to foot the bill for rent, utilities, infrastructure, maintenance, etc., which add to operational overheads. As a result, engaging an offshore development team works out to be more cost-efficient.

    Project Confidentiality

    If you wish to keep your project discreet and confidential, then hiring an offshore development team can work in your favor. The distributed nature of the workforce ensures that teams are only concerned about the tasks at hand rather than the project as a whole. Resultantly, you are the sole owner of your intellectual property.

    Higher Productivity

    Having multiple teams work on various independent elements of the project allows for ramped-up productivity levels. Your vendor will plan out dependencies and schedule tasks that will pay off during the development stage as they achieve parallel, high-speed operations with minimum involvement or intervention from your end.

    Accelerated Time-to-Market

    Higher productivity and effortless collaboration paves the way for quicker development timelines. Plus, companies no longer have to spend time onboarding or training these developers, which also saves quite a significant chunk of time. As such, even if you are working on a tight deadline, you can be assured that it will be honored.

    Increased Flexibility

    While choosing in-house teams, businesses have to evaluate whether the candidate is an organizational fit. Further, they have to orchestrate teams with due consideration for personality conflicts and other such obstacles. But with offshore team developments, companies only have to interact with vendors and discuss what matters most - results.

    Access to Wider Talent Pools

    Hiring an offshore development team grants you access to rich and diverse talent pools - without the hassle of hunting for them. You can borrow their experience and expertise without paying a large sum to recruit and retain such in-demand talent. It delivers effortless convenience.


    Our Customer Onboarding Process

    Discussing Business Requirements

    Different businesses have different requirements. You may need the offshore development team to build a website or a marketing tool or a storefront - share these with our experts and we will create a list of your goals, technical specifications, and expected outcomes.

    Shortlisting of Candidates

    Once our requirements are identified, our team will go about discovering the right kind of talent who has the experience, expertise, and bandwidth to take on your project. 

    Scheduling of Interviews

    We grant you control over your team. You will receive the profile of the shortlisted candidates and you can schedule interviews with all of them or a select few, depending on your preferences.

    Cementing the

    After you select your team members, we will have a brief orientation process where each individual will be apprised of their role. We might even have a few quick team-building activities to work out any kinks.

    Onboarding and Support

    As the team finally comes together, we will carry out onboarding to give rise to highly engaged team members, who are ready to deliver value from day one! And even if they are to run into issues, we will offer continuous support to overcome setbacks.

    Our Talent Vetting Process

    We cover all grounds to make the web development process a remarkable experience for
    you. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

    Profile Screening and Shortlisting

    We review candidate profiles, resumes, skills, experience, and other characteristics and match them to benchmarks. We also run background checks on shortlisted candidates.

    Aptitude Tests

    The screened-in candidates undergo a scientifically designed aptitude test that assesses their reasoning, logical thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.

    Technical Skill Evaluation

    Once the candidate clears the aptitude test, we test their technical skill and competencies through a technical skill evaluation test to simulate their performance in the desired role.

    Soft-Skill Assessment

    Apart from testing logical flows and technical skills, we also subject the candidate to language proficiency tests that analyze their reading, comprehension, and writing skills.

    Personal Interview

    Finally, the candidate appears for a one-on-one personal interview through video call, where a panel of experts interacts with them to understand their professional journey and future aspirations.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the hiring charges?

    We do not levy any additional hiring charges or commissions for recruitment. You only have to pay your team their salary after the successful completion of your project.

    What if a team member quits?

    We have a retention rate of an impressive 85%. As such, the chances of team members quitting are very low.

    That being said, even if something like this were to happen, we would find an equally competent replacement to ensure that it does not disrupt your project’s progress.

    Can I hire a dedicated project manager?

    Yes! In fact, we recommend that you set aside a spot for a project manager on your team to oversee all developments.