Supplement Talent or Skill Gaps by Hiring Remote Developers

Looking for a cost-effective solution to engage talent without going through the recruitment cycle? Then hire remote developers to meet your immediate needs!

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    Why Should You Hire Remote Talent?

    Hiring a remote developer can grant you the following benefits:

    Increased Productivity

    Remote employees are found to be more productive than their in-office counterparts. The sense of freedom and flexibility nurtures a greater sense of accountability as they take on responsibilities. They are also in greater control of their schedule, which allows them to practice greater focus and minimize distractions.

    Improved Skill Alignment

    Finding in-office or co-located developers can be restrictive (and costly). When you open up the field through remote hirings, you get access to wider talent pools from across the globe, enabling you to pick candidates that are a good fit.

    Lower Business Costs

    Remote employees are more cost-efficient than in-house employees on your payroll. Businesses that hire remort employees also save on other infrastructural and operational costs. These include paying rent/lease and maintaining office premises, equipment, furniture, and similar assets.

    Round-the-Clock Operations

    Once you have set up synchronous and asynchronous channels of communication between your teams and remote developers, you can enjoy round-the-clock operations as remote developers sprinkled across the globe can work in different timezones! Your needs would be met even as you sleep!

    Creativity and Innovation

    Injecting fresh blood into your workforce can help your teams break out from molds and preconceptions that could be limiting their viewpoints. The multi-dimensional experience enjoyed by remote employees can offer a fresh perspective that can enhance the project in different ways!

    The Future is Hybrid

    Even though you have a well-rounded team working for you at your office, you will still need to engage remote developers every now and then. As such, embracing a hybrid work environment would also leave you better prepared for the future of your organization!


    Why Choose Us As Your Remote Talent Hiring Partner?

    Offload All The Tough Tasks

    Advertising vacancies, sourcing candidates, screening, shortlisting, testing skills, training, onboarding - everything is a long-drawn, resource-intensive, and expensive process. With us, you can cut through all the noise and get working directly!

    Focus on Results

    We match you with talent according to your business requirements and the job description shared. As a result, the remote developers are goal-oriented and focused on delivering to your expectations - if not beyond!

    Maintain Development Continuity

    If your development process is being hampered due to skill gaps, we can fill them in. As such, your team can continue development at full steam without having to worry about the missing pieces.

    Quicker Hiring Cycles

    We can have our remote developers working for you in about two weeks from when you share your requirements with us. For reference, your regular hiring cycle comfortably takes about four weeks!

    Code Safety

    If you are worried about maintaining confidentiality in your project, you can break it down into parts and hire separate remote developers for each section. This separation of roles can keep your intellectual property safe and secure.

    Access to Top-Notch Talent

    Through us, you can broaden the scope of your talent hunt and access pools that are otherwise restricted. Plus, all our developers undergo stringent testing and pre-vetting so you know that you are working with the best!


    How It Works

    Our Customer Onboarding Process

    Tell Us About Your Requirements

    Our remote developers can work as freelancers or contribute to your in-house team. We offer individual remote developers or offshore development teams. This flexibility enables our customers to pay for what they need, so discuss your requirements in detail and we will match you accordingly.

    Candidate Shortlisting

    Based on your requirements, our experts play the role of matchmakers as they shortlist developers from our talent pools to discover the best fits - be it in terms of skill, work culture, experience, or capabilities.

    Scheduling of Interviews

    Rather than making a choice for you, we grant you absolute control by sharing the profiles of shortlisted candidates with you. You can choose to interview them personally or scrutinize their profiles to pick the ones best for you.

    Remote Onboarding

    Onboarding is a crucial part of hiring remote talent. We simplify this process by setting clear expectations, defining roles, and even acclimatizing the candidate to your work environment. As a result, the remote developer is rearing to go right from day one!


    Our role does not end with simply handing over the remote developer to our clients. We also offer continuous support and resources wherever you need administrative guidance to continue project development.

    Our Talent Vetting Process

    We cover all grounds to make the web development process a remarkable experience for
    you. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

    Candidate Profiling and Screening

    We source candidates from multiple platforms and portals to screen in the candidates that fulfill certain criteria. We then analyze their profiles and probe further to shortlist the ones best suited for the role.

    Aptitude Test

    Candidates then undergo a scientifically designed aptitude test that evaluates their problem-solving, logical thinking, and reasoning skills.

    Technical Skill Evaluation

    After the aptitude test, we conduct a technical skill assessment test to understand how well they will perform in the given role based on their technical competencies.

    Soft-Skill Assessment

    Once the candidate has proved their mettle in both fields, we then subject them to language proficiency tests to gauge their reading, comprehension, and writing skills as they would be the foundation of their communication abilities.

    One-on-One Interview

    In the final stage of the talent vetting process, we schedule personal interviews with the shortlisted candidates, wherein a panel of experts interacts with them through a video call to understand their goals and aspirations.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I engage multiple remote developers to speed up delivery?

    Why not? Even if your project is underway and you have additional resource requirements, give us 14 days and we will augment your teams with the perfect match!

    What happens if the remote developer fails to perform?

    We only work with the creme de la creme of developers; and so, it is very unlikely that any of them will fail to perform. However, if you are unsatisfied with your matched remote developer, let us know and we will find a replacement or adjust your bill expeditiously depending on your choice!