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Looking to build a Shopify website from scratch?
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    Our Shopify eCommerce Development Services

    Shopify Design and Development

    Get your Shopify eCommerce store up and running in no time with our full-cycle Shopify design and development services - the fastest way to get your business online.

    Shopify Customization Services

    Transform your existing Shopify store in the precise way that you want. Our Shopify eStore customization services can solidify your website layout into reality.

    eStore Integration Services

    Want to equip your Shopify store with additional features and functionalities? Then look no further! Our Shopify integration services can embed all the bells and whistles!

    Shopify Theme Development

    Elevate the look and feel of your Shopify store with our custom Shopify theme development services to make your customers feel like royalty!

    Shopify Migration Services

    If you are looking to migrate to Shopify from another eCommerce platform, then let us take charge. Enjoy the seamless transition with zero data or quality drops.

    Shopify Maintenance Services

    We offer a full suite of Shopify maintenance services - from fixing small bugs to putting your store in the spotlight to improving performance - so that you can focus on selling.

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    Approximately 5,500,000 websites trust Shopify to take their business online. With a platform revenue potential of $200 billion to date, the only gap between you and your dreams is reliable Shopify Development Services!


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    Benefits of Choosing Stan Ventures
    for Shopify Development Services

    Work With the Best

    Our Shopify development team consists of an array of developers having varied skillsets and experiences. Each developer is pre-vetted as they undergo rigorous assessment, allowing us to offer the highest quality.

    Strict Adherence to Timelines

    We value your time. As such, our team is willing to go above and beyond to adhere to them. Whether you are working on a tight deadline or have some flexibility, we can cater to it.

    Seamless Scalability

    Do you want your Shopify store to cater to a niche audience? Or do you want to appeal to a larger crowd? We can handle both extremes - and even the oscillations in between!

    You Only Need One

    Stan Venture assigns a dedicated relationship manager to all our valued clients. Having this single point of contact allows you to get all your updates without having to jump through hoops!

    Global Services at Local Prices

    Our global clientele can attest to the fact that we follow universal best practices. Plus, you can enjoy top-notch quality without having to break the bank for it!

    Maintain Laser-Sharp Focus

    With our Shopify development services, you do not have to bother yourself with the nitty-gritty of eCommerce development. Let our experts handle everything as you keep your eyes on the prize - revenue!

    Hiring Shopify Experts

    How It Works

    Discuss Your Requirements

    Tell us exactly what you envision for your Shopify store - go on, don’t be shy!

    Validate the Requirements

    Once we list down and share the project deliverables, you can give them a go-over before we proceed.

    Wait & Relax

    Based on your requirements, we will match you to an expert or a team of experts to commence Shopify development.

    Get Started

    Once we have put together your Shopify development team, all you need to do is confirm so that they can get started!

    Are you looking to Hire Shopify Programmers to enhance your team?

    WHy Shopify

    Why Opt for Shopify Development?

    Fully Hosted eCommerce Solution

    Shopify is a fully hosted eCommerce solution. As a result, businesses do not have to worry about technicalities like purchasing or leasing servers or managing bandwidth. Shopify has your best interests in mind!

    Quick and Easy to Deploy

    Shopify comes in an easy plug-and-play packaging that allows you to dive into the ecosystem, even if you don’t possess any technical background. Much of the work is already done for you in the form of templates.

    Increased Security and Scalability

    Consumers value security and privacy - and Shopify respects that. The platform offers SSL certification to nurture trust and ensures PCI compliance - all this without trading off on scalability.

    Dedicated Payment Gateway

    Apart from your run-of-the-mill payment gateways available on most eCommerce stores, Shopify offers Shopify Payments - a dedicated payment gateway that works online and offline!

    Built-in SEO and Advanced Marketing

    A visible store is a profitable store. The flexibility offered by Shopify puts it in a unique position such that businesses can directly infuse the platform with SEO and marketing capabilities.

    Wide Range of Integrations

    Do you feel like your Shopify store is missing that “something special”? Then worry not! The platform can add capabilities seamlessly without making it appear like an afterthought!

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      How can I stay up to date on the Shopify development process?

      We assign a dedicated relationship partner to keep you actively involved throughout the development process. Further, our team of developers will also share detailed monthly and weekly reports updating you on the process.

      How do you ensure project confidentiality during and after project development?

      We sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with our clients so that they enjoy sole ownership of their intellectual property.

      What are the general SOPs followed during Shopify development?

      We have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that adheres to the global standards of Shopify development. Once we are in possession of your requirements, we identify resources that are the best fit for the project. We consolidate this action through periodic feedback and surveys that improve this system at every iteration. Once you are fixed up with a team and you confirm, we will begin onboarding and set up right away.