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    About Angular

    Why Choose AngularJS?

    AngularJS is a customer-facing web application architecture used to design single-page applications (SPAs) using TypeScript. The open-source framework aids in the building of web, desktop, and mobile applications by allowing data binding and dependency injection. The modular nature of AngularJS also makes event handling, configuration, routing, unit testing, and most importantly reusing codes easier to meet business objectives.

    So, if you wish to add value to the client-side application without trading off on the clean, maintainable nature of the code, then AngularJS can do it – and at lightning speeds!

    Our Talent Vetting Process

    We cover all grounds to make the web development process a remarkable experience for
    you. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

    Candidate Sourcing and Screening

    Our Talent Acquisition teams search high and low to discover talent on various platforms and portals. We review their profile, skills, experience, and competencies.

    Aptitude Test

    The screened-in candidates undergo scientifically designed aptitude tests that evaluate their problem-solving skills, reasoning, logical thinking, etc., to understand their development styles and mindsets.

    Technical Skill Evaluation

    Technical Skill Evaluation Once the candidate clears the aptitude test, they then undergo a technical skill evaluation where we test the recency, relevance, and applicability of their technical knowledge.

    Soft-Skill Assessment

    As the penultimate stage of our talent vetting process, we test the candidate’s soft skills, such as their communication, ability to work in teams, work ethics, time management, adaptability, and so on.

    Personal Interview

    Finally, the shortlisted candidates are then scheduled for a remote personal interview, where a team of experts interacts with them one-on-one and lists down their professional journeys so far and future goals.

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    Hire AngularJS Programmers As Per Your Needs.

    Choose From Any of the Following:


    Jr. Angular Developer

    Experience: 1 to 3 years

    $2,400 monthly


    Sr. Angular Developer

    Experience: 3 to 5 years

    $4,000 monthly


    Angular Expert

    Experience: 5+ years

    $4,800 monthly

    Our Process

    How to Hire AngularJS Programmers
    Through Stan Ventures Talent Connect?

    Tell us more about your project

    We will schedule a consultation where we understand your project goals and resource requirements.

    We match you with the best of talent

    We shortlist suitable candidates with the right skill sets and experience, and share their profiles with you.

    Schedule interviews & make your pick

    You can interview the screened-in candidates and select the developers or creators you like.

    Remote Onboarding and Support

    We aid in the onboarding of the talent and kick off your project - while also offering continued support!


    Why Hire Angular Developers from Stan Ventures?

    Earn Through Savings

    Save as much as 50% of development costs if you hire talent through Stan Ventures. Our packages are pocket-friendly without compromising on quality. The resulting savings are as great as revenue!

    Flexible Hiring Models

    Engage talent as per your requirement, project complexity, and budget. If you are unhappy with the hire, we will quickly offer you a replacement in minimum TAT and at no extra cost.

    Respect for Project Timelines

    Even if you are running on a tight deadline, our AngularJS developers do their best to realize your goals against them. We believe in regular meetings and report sharing to manage realistic timelines.

    Skilled and Pre-Vetted Talent

    With us, you get access to a team of skilled and experienced Angular developers, who have undergone a series of technical, QA, and soft-skill tests so that they can offer you value from the get-go.

    Guaranteed Code/Project Security

    Our team signs non-disclosure agreements and hand over all project assets to our clients upon its completion so that you enjoy sole ownership and source code authorization.

    Round-the-Clock Accessibility

    Even if you are hiring remote AngularJS developers through Stan, you can be assured that they will be easily and effortlessly available and accessible throughout the development journey - regardless of your location and time zone.

    Our Expertise

    Our AngularJS Developers Offer the Following
    High-Quality Services

    Custom AngularJS Web and Mobile App Development

    Our highly skilled Angular developers help you build scalable web and mobile apps that are tailored to your business requirements. The resulting custom single-page applications will maintain peak engagement levels, which corresponds to higher revenues!

    AngularJS eCommerce Development

    If you want to create interactive and feature-rich shopping carts for your eCommerce website, then Angular is the answer. Let our Angular developers help you create a simple yet effective shopping portal with floating panels to drive conversions.

    AngularJS UI/UX Development

    Hire our AngularJS developers to add proficiency to AJAX web development using technologies like XHTML, JS, CSS, XHR, and more. Such proficiency will grant them the power to create brilliant, interactive, and dynamic UI/UX elements to revamp your application.

    AngularJS API/Plugin Development and Integration

    For your highly specific and niche requirements, we offer custom Angular API and Plugin development services to expand your application’s scope and capabilities. In addition to development, we also carry out seamless integration to ensure everything functions seamlessly.

    Angular to Angular Migration

    As a reliable Angular development agency, we have experts who know the best and most efficient way to migrate from an older version of Angular application to the latest one. Our team will help with effortless CMS, Database, and Code migration.

    AngularJS Support and Maintenance

    Our AngularJS developers offer dedicated support and maintenance services to keep your Angular app up and running at all times. From addressing downtime issues to fixing bugs, and beyond. With us, you do not have to worry about naught!


    What Our Customers Have to Say About Us


    Do You Have A Question for Us?

    I am looking to develop a mobile-friendly application. Would Angular be the right choice for me?

    Absolutely! The Angular framework performs excellently in both mobile and desktop applications. And with the increasing demand for native app development, Angular could be the medium to create highly engaging mobile apps.

    Can your Angular developers work on any version of Angular?

    Yes. We have a team of Angular developers who can use any version of Angular from 2.0.0 to 13.0.0 and anything in between!

    How will your Angular developers manage codes?

    Our AngularJS developers use Github/Bitbucket for source code management and versioning. They will regularly push the code so that you can have visibility of the same as you review and manage commits.