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    About Laravel

    Why Choose Laravel?

    Laravel is an easy-to-use, easy-to-comprehend, open-source PHP framework that is widely deployed for building web applications. Through its model-view-controller (MVC) design, developers can reuse existing components across frameworks without having to reinvent the wheel. Such an approach expedites the development cycle while also drawing impressive results.

    So, start server-side rendering with Laravel to optimize application performance!

    Our Talent Vetting Process

    We cover all grounds to make the web development process a remarkable experience for
    you. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

    Candidate Sourcing and Screening

    Our Talent Acquisition teams search high and low to discover talent on various platforms and portals. We review their profile, skills, experience, and competencies.

    Aptitude Test

    The screened-in candidates undergo scientifically designed aptitude tests that evaluate their problem-solving skills, reasoning, logical thinking, etc., to understand their development styles and mindsets.

    Technical Skill Evaluation

    Technical Skill Evaluation Once the candidate clears the aptitude test, they then undergo a technical skill evaluation where we test the recency, relevance, and applicability of their technical knowledge.

    Soft-Skill Assessment

    As the penultimate stage of our talent vetting process, we test the candidate’s soft skills, such as their communication, ability to work in teams, work ethics, time management, adaptability, and so on.

    Personal Interview

    Finally, the shortlisted candidates are then scheduled for a remote personal interview, where a team of experts interacts with them one-on-one and lists down their professional journeys so far and future goals.

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    Hire Laravel Programmers As Per Your Needs.

    Choose From Any of the Following:


    Jr. Laravel Developer

    Experience: 1 to 3 years

    $1,600 monthly


    Sr. Laravel Developer

    Experience: 3 to 5 years

    $2,400 monthly


    Laravel Expert

    Experience: 5+ years

    $3,200 monthly

    Our Process

    How to Hire Laravel Programmers
    Through Stan Ventures Talent Connect?

    Tell us more about your project

    We will schedule a consultation where we understand your project goals and resource requirements.

    We match you with the best of talent

    We shortlist suitable candidates with the right skill sets and experience, and share their profiles with you.

    Schedule interviews & make your pick

    You can interview the screened-in candidates and select the developers or creators you like.

    Remote Onboarding and Support

    We aid in the onboarding of the talent and kick off your project - while also offering continued support!


    Why Hire Laravel Developers from Stan Ventures?

    End-to-End Business Solutions

    We offer a team of Laravel programmers with varying experiences to enable the full-stack development of comprehensive business solutions. And why just stop at just Laravel? We have an entire team of skilled IT professionals that offer a full suite of services for all your development needs.

    Pay for Experience

    The tiered nature of our talent engagement packages corresponds to the experience and expertise of the developer. As such, depending on your business requirements, you can cherry-pick exactly the level of expertise you need and how long you need it, and pay accordingly.

    Trusted and Accomplished

    We are a reliable talent-hiring platform with a proven track record. With this reputation, we only work with the best to offer the same to our clients. Our multi-dimensional talent sourcing and vetting processes ensure that only the top 1% make it to our pools.

    Dedicated Resources

    Once you have engaged a developer through Stan Ventures, know that they would be working dedicatedly on your project. We manage our teams efficiently so that nobody is overburdened or too distracted with a volley of projects so that they can bring their best foot forward.

    Higher ROI

    Hire dedicated, experienced, and talented Laravel developers through Stan Ventures, and watch your profits compound! We are focused on result-based growth, and so the development process will prioritize the same rather than fixating on how to profit off of you!

    Absolute Control

    We offer our customers absolute control over the developers and other hires so that you can get results, stick to given timelines, or work as per your company culture. We also back you up with customer support and post-development services so that you will not be disappointed!

    Our Expertise

    Our Laravel Developers Offer the
    Following High-Quality Services

    Tailor-Made Laravel Web Apps

    Hire top-of-the-line Laravel developers for the creation of personalized web applications that are loaded with features and functionalities to make your business stand out. We offer custom applications that are as unique as your business!

    Laravel CMS Development

    The abundance of Laravel CMS packages readily available in the market attests to its use for CMS development. We illustrate this through the design and development of highly responsive and efficient CMS solutions that blend aesthetics and utility with content management.

    API Development and Integration

    Our teams allow your application to connect frictionlessly with third-party software solutions, applications, tools, and systems using custom RESTful API development. The developers use their expertise in API generator package that helps establish connections across heterogeneous environments.

    Laravel Migration and Upgradation

    Do you plan on porting to Laravel? Then look no further! Our experts can carry out effortless migration of your application and its assets from any other medium to Laravel. The same goes even if you are looking to update from one version of Laravel to the latest one.

    Laravel Template Design

    We help businesses design Laravel templates to facilitate continuous growth. Our templatization services help our customers with future projects as it eliminates development complexities irrespective of the team. As such, they can save on time, cost, and energy on future developments.

    Laravel Maintenance and Testing

    Our developers subject new and existing Laravel products to extensive testing before the big launch. From usability testing to quality assurance, we follow standardized practices to ensure that everything functions without any flaws. We also offer post-development support services to maintain your Laravel applications.


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    Do You Have A Question for Us?

    Which are the best PHP frameworks for web app development?

    We recommend Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Yii, and Phalcon for web app development. Amongst these, Laravel reigns supreme as it can handle complexities without trading off on security. Plus, Laravel development cycles are lightning fast!

    Where can I use Laravel?

    Laravel is ideal for developing web apps with complex backend requirements. It can do so as it simplifies development for web projects involving routing, authentication, caching, and sessions. So, if your project has any of these requirements, you can go with Laravel.