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PHP developers for hire on an hourly, monthly, and fixed project basis.

Starts at $1,600/month!

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    About PHP

    Why Choose PHP?

    PHP is a highly versatile general-purpose scripting language. It expands the scope of your website through its powerful integration capabilities, flexibility, and rich built-in libraries. As such, it can be used to perform a variety of tasks like handling dynamic content, managing databases, tracking sessions, or even creating eCommerce websites!

    So, if you seek rapid development, code modifiability and reusability, and expansion in web functionalities, then let PHP show you the way.

    Our Talent Vetting Process

    We cover all grounds to make the web development process a remarkable experience for
    you. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

    Candidate Sourcing and Screening

    Our Talent Acquisition teams search high and low to discover talent on various platforms and portals. We review their profile, skills, experience, and competencies.

    Aptitude Test

    The screened-in candidates undergo scientifically designed aptitude tests that evaluate their problem-solving skills, reasoning, logical thinking, etc., to understand their development styles and mindsets.

    Technical Skill Evaluation

    Technical Skill Evaluation Once the candidate clears the aptitude test, they then undergo a technical skill evaluation where we test the recency, relevance, and applicability of their technical knowledge.

    Soft-Skill Assessment

    As the penultimate stage of our talent vetting process, we test the candidate’s soft skills, such as their communication, ability to work in teams, work ethics, time management, adaptability, and so on.

    Personal Interview

    Finally, the shortlisted candidates are then scheduled for a remote personal interview, where a team of experts interacts with them one-on-one and lists down their professional journeys so far and future goals.

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    Hire PHP Programmers As Per Your Needs.

    Choose From Any of the Following:


    Jr. PHP Developer

    Experience: 1 to 3 years

    $1,600 monthly


    Sr. PHP Developer

    Experience: 3 to 5 years

    $2,400 monthly


    PHP Expert

    Experience: 5+ years

    $3,200 monthly

    Our Process

    How to Hire PHP Programmers Through Stan Ventures Talent Connect?

    Tell us more about your project

    We will schedule a consultation where we understand your project goals and resource requirements.

    We match you with the best of talent

    We shortlist suitable candidates with the right skill sets and experience, and share their profiles with you.

    Schedule interviews & make your pick

    You can interview the screened-in candidates and select the developers or creators you like.

    Remote Onboarding and Support

    We aid in the onboarding of the talent and kick off your project - while also offering continued support!


    Why Hire PHP Developers from Stan Ventures?

    Draw From Varying Experiences

    We offer a three-tiered package for engaging developers of varying experiences and expertise. Plus, with our resources, you can handpick talent who may have already worked in your industry and possesses the necessary skills that are aligned with the project.

    No Training and Onboarding Responsibilities

    When you engage talent through Stan Ventures, you do not have to invest the time and effort into training and onboarding. In fact, we take on this responsibility so that you do not have to. So, get results from day one!

    Get Value For Your Money

    With us, you only have to pay for the skills, talent, and knowledge of the developers. Plus, the flexible hiring models make it easier to engage talent only when you need them. Resultantly, you score an impressive ROI not just in the outcomes but also in the process.

    Cut Down Operational Overheads

    When working with in-house developers, you have to arrange for office spaces, infrastructure, systems, internet connections, HR, accounting, payroll management, healthcare, and more. But with Stan Ventures, you only have to pay the salaries of the developer. Which one works out cheaper? You be the judge!

    Enjoy Convenience at No Extra Cost

    Our PHP developers are trained to accommodate our customers in every possible yet reasonable way. As such, you can expect comfort and convenience as they work according to your time zone or business hours, preferred tech stack or communication channels, or frequency of project updates.

    Safety and Security Guaranteed

    Poor back-end scripting can cost your business dearly, whether it is through weakened security or by soiling the customer experience. But not when you hire trusted and pre-vetted PHP developers from Stan Ventures. Our developers find optimal solutions to maintain the safety and security of your digital assets without compromising on quality.

    Our Expertise

    Our PHP Developers Offer the Following High-Quality Services

    Custom PHP Web App Development

    Are you looking to create a PHP website or application that is truly distinct? Share your vision with us and our PHP developers can bring them into the realms of reality! With our expertise, nothing is impossible!

    PHP CMS Development

    Our PHP developers derive from their experience and expertise in PHP and relational database management system MySQL. This allows them to create rich, engaging, and dynamic CMS. In the long run, this minimizes content versus layout interdependencies. Effortlessly manage your content with our PHP-based CMS solutions.

    PHP eCommerce Development

    If you plan on creating dynamic web stores, then your search ends right here! We have PHP developers who can write robust codes for full-featured eCommerce websites. These can then scale with traffic, provision assets, and resources dynamically, and drive sales!

    PHP-Based ERP Solutions

    Enterprises may have highly specific requirements, and we are here to cater to them. By hiring a dedicated PHP developer, you can build powerful ERP systems that run on business-specific algorithms and rules. Control, manage, and plan your resources in a click!

    Social Networking Websites on PHP

    Social networking websites need reliable backend development to handle a sudden influx of talent. And here’s where our PHP developers step in to save the day. They create addictive social networking apps that can offer dynamic and delightful engagement while effortlessly handling loads.

    Web Portal Development

    Businesses may require web portals for a variety of reasons - from accepting bids on tenders to handling applications during recruitment. No matter the requirement, our PHP programmers are up for the task. Enjoy customized, attractive, and encrypted web portals that meet your needs.


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    Do You Have A Question for Us?

    How soon can I hire a PHP developer?

    Since all our PHP developers are skill-tested and pre-vetted, they are available for immediate hire. The engagement process could take as little as 3 days or as much as 2 weeks, depending on your requirements.

    Is it better to hire a dedicated PHP developer or a freelancer?

    Hiring a dedicated PHP developer can benefit your business as you enjoy absolute control over the development cycle. Further, hiring one through an agency like Stan Ventures means that you are working with nothing but the best!