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    About Shopify

    Why Choose Shopify?

    Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, which enables vendors to establish their online presence without any hassles. It comes equipped with multiple features, distinct functionalities, and infinite capabilities that allow it to be shaped as per any business’ unique requirements. As such, big names from Kylie Cosmetics to Heinz to The Economist use the platform to benefit from it.

    So, if you are looking for the quickest way to get your store online, Shopify is the way to go.

    Our Talent Vetting Process

    We cover all grounds to make the web development process a remarkable experience for
    you. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect:

    Candidate Sourcing and Screening

    Our Talent Acquisition teams search high and low to discover talent on various platforms and portals. We review their profile, skills, experience, and competencies.

    Aptitude Test

    The screened-in candidates undergo scientifically designed aptitude tests that evaluate their problem-solving skills, reasoning, logical thinking, etc., to understand their development styles and mindsets.

    Technical Skill Evaluation

    Technical Skill Evaluation Once the candidate clears the aptitude test, they then undergo a technical skill evaluation where we test the recency, relevance, and applicability of their technical knowledge.

    Soft-Skill Assessment

    As the penultimate stage of our talent vetting process, we test the candidate’s soft skills, such as their communication, ability to work in teams, work ethics, time management, adaptability, and so on.

    Personal Interview

    Finally, the shortlisted candidates are then scheduled for a remote personal interview, where a team of experts interacts with them one-on-one and lists down their professional journeys so far and future goals.

    2500+ Global Brands we have worked with


    Hire Shopify Experts As Per Your Needs.

    Choose From Any of the Following:


    Jr. Shopify Developer

    Experience: 1 to 3 years

    $1,600 monthly


    Sr. Shopify Developer

    Experience: 3 to 5 years

    $2,400 monthly


    Shopify Expert

    Experience: 5+ years

    $3,200 monthly

    Our Process

    How to Hire Shopify Designers Through
    Stan Ventures Talent Connect?

    Tell us more about your project

    We will schedule a consultation where we understand your project goals and resource requirements.

    We match you with the best of talent

    We shortlist suitable candidates with the right skill sets and experience, and share their profiles with you.

    Schedule interviews & make your pick

    You can interview the screened-in candidates and select the developers or creators you like.

    Remote Onboarding and Support

    We aid in the onboarding of the talent and kick off your project - while also offering continued support!


    Why Hire Shopify Developers from Stan Ventures?

    Best of Talent Available at Your Service

    As a hub for the best-in-class talent, our Shopify developers undergo rigorous skill testing and holistic assessment of technical competence, language proficiency, and even time management so that you will never be disappointed.

    Rich and Immersive UI/UX

    We create rich and immersive user interfaces and experiences that elevate your Shopify store to the next level. By offering your customers a delightful experience, you will be setting the stage for greater customer loyalty, greater revenue, and increased demand.

    Super-Fast Development

    Our Shopify developers are available as individual freelancers or as offshore development teams depending on your business requirement, development complexities, and timeline. Either way, it allows ample scalability to offer lightning-fast development.

    Service Customization on Request

    Upon your request, our Shopify developers can perform customization at the most granular level to infuse value to every touchpoint and tie everything together to offer a branded experience. Such an approach can increase the perceived value of your business.

    Flexibility to Pick and Go

    Based on your requirements, we will share detailed profiles of the candidates who are suited for the job. You enjoy absolute freedom and autonomy to pore through these and select the ones that seem like the perfect fit for your project and organization.

    Encash Your Savings

    As your talent partner, you can be assured that you get access to the top talent, which is worth their weight in gold. However, you will not have to pay big money to engage their services, which will translate to increased profit margins!

    Our Expertise

    Our Shopify Developers Offer the Following
    High-Quality Services

    Shopify eCommerce Store Development

    Our team of Shopify developers offers a range of eCommerce development services starting with design, installation, implementation, and more. Share your vision of what you want from your eCommerce website, and we will make it happen!

    Shopify Theme Development

    Give your Shopify website a complete makeover with unique designs, responsive layouts, and interactive elements. Our themes don’t just help you stand out - they help you get noticed, drive profits, and make a home in your customer’s hearts.

    Shopify Migration

    With our Shopify experts by your side, migrating your eCommerce website from any other platform to Shopify is going to be a walk in the park. We transfer your store and its assets quickly, safely, and losslessly.

    Shopify Store Customization

    Do you have an existing Shopify store that is in dire need of some TLC? Then our Shopify developers are right for the task. From curating an immersive store experience to enhancing the look and feel of the checkout - we can do it all.

    Shopify Integrations

    Your Shopify store promises you limitless growth, provided you have the skill, knowledge, and insight to facilitate it. Here’s where we step in. Given their expertise, our Shopify developers find ways to expand your store and achieve its max potential.

    Shopify Support and Maintenance

    Our role in Shopify development does not end at mere deployment; we are with you on the journey beyond as we maintain the store, carry out bug fixes, perform optimization, and more. Our ongoing technical assistance is unparalleled.


    What Our Clients Have to Say About Us


    Do You Have A Question for Us?

    Can I retain my domain name while hosting my eCommerce store on Shopify?

    Yes! You can continue using your domain name by registering it with Shopify. All you need to do is log into Shopify, select Preferences, then Domain, and enter your domain name in the DNS.

    Do you offer support for Shopify payment integration?

    Yes, we do! We offer support for a range of payment integrations, from the in-house Shopify Payments third-party payment gateways.