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    Our Creative Design Services

    Website Design

    We have mastery over designing complex web interfaces and applications without affecting the user experience negatively. Allow us to define the user flows that add user-friendliness, convenience, and usability to your website.

    Landing Pages

    Our well-designed landing pages are created in harmony with the intentions and goals of the visitors. By front-loading value on the landing pages, we can convert lookers into bookers in just a couple of seconds!

    Display Banners

    We transform “annoying” or “interruptive” banners into works of art! All the while, we also load it with meaningful information to make them useful. Our banners and illustrations are so iconic that they will leave your audiences mesmerized!

    Email Design

    From designing email layouts to peppering them with rich media to drafting impactful content - we cater to even element of your email designing process to offer a branded and memorable experience to the receivers.


    Our team of designers and content creators work together to create rich, engaging blogs for different business goals. From generating awareness to pitching products to clinching sales - if you have an objective, we have the blog for it!

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    Our team of user interface (UI) designers, user experience (UX) designers, graphic designers, animators, researchers, and consultants can put together visually stunning and user-friendly designs to enrapture visitors!


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    Benefits of Choosing Stan Ventures as Your
    UI/UX Design Partner

    World-Class Designs

    Our team of highly skilled and experienced UI/UX Designer possess a deep and innate understanding of WordPress. As such, we trust them to execute even the most mind-boggling complexities into perfection.

    UI/UX Designs Experts

    Our customers enjoy the services of the best-in-class pools of talent from around the world. Our teams are comprised of expert developers and designers who bring a distinct style and flair to your website.

    Proactive Project Management

    Feel free to dump all your cognitive load and micro-management as we take charge. We take all decisions with your best intentions at heart and are willing to go the distance to live up to your trust!

    Round-the-Clock Support

    We offer 24/7 support through different channels and media so that you can always contact us come what may. We believe in long-term relationship building, so expect us to stick around with you!

    Single Point of Contact

    With us, you do not have to look around to know the latest developments in your project. We take pride in proactively engaging our customers through dedicated relationship managers to ensure that your needs are met.

    Global Client Base

    We cater to a wide audience of global clients with varying business requirements. And with customer satisfaction levels that are off the charts, we can humble-brag about how well we are at handling this responsibility.

    Hiring WooCommerce Experts

    How It Works

    Share Your Requirements

    Let us know what you want from the WooCommerce website. Feel free to discuss it at a high level or at a granular scale.

    Approve the Deliverables

    We will create a list of all the project requirements and deliverables and run it by you for validation.

    Sit Back and Relax

    Once all the expectations are set, we will connect you with experts who will begin WooCommerce development.

    Kickstart the Project

    After you approve of our team, the WooCommerce development team will begin work at full speed!

    Are you looking to Hire UI/UX Designers to enhance your team?

    Why UI/UX Design ?

    Why Choose UI/UX Design

    User-Friendly Setup and Design

    At an age where time is money and competitive differentiators soon fizzle out, WooCommerce offers quicker time-to-market without compromising on speed, quality, and simplicity.

    Easier Search Engine Optimization

    Much like its parent application, WordPress, WooCommerce is search engine-friendly. As a result, you can put your entire catalog into the spotlight without breaking out in a sweat!

    Highly Secure and Scalable

    WooCommerce comes equipped with various security and data privacy features. Accordingly, store owners can simply activate these to make their customers, employees, and other stakeholders feel safe.

    Simple Customization Through Themes

    The modular framework of WooCommerce makes it easier for businesses across different sectors to use the platform for their varying needs. Changing the theme alone can revamp the entire ecosystem!

    Support Through Variety of Official Extensions

    Whether it is payment or store analytics, WooCommerce serves up an array of official extensions to help businesses grow. Now, no more relying on third-party extensions!

    Extremely Affordable and Flexible

    The pocket-friendly pricing of WooCommerce is one of its greatest USPs. Not just the platform, but also the supporting plugins or extensions that are mission-critical for a business are flexible and cost-effective.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the difference between UI and UX design?

      UI and UX are closely related entities, with one feeding off of the other.

      UI, or User Interface, determines how the user experiences your website or application. It revolves around design elements like color, buttons, images, videos, content, and their placement.

      UX, or User Experience, concerns itself with how the user perceives this interface and evaluates whether or not the culmination of UI elements adds value to the user experience or otherwise.

      What are the tools and technologies that you use for UI/UX design?

      We use a wide range of tools and technologies for UI/UX design, some of these being:

      • Sketch
      • Adobe XD
      • Figma
      • Illustrator
      • Zeplin
      • Axure
      • Framer
      • InVision
      • Photoshop
      • FlowMapp
      • Origami Studio

      How can you improve my existing WooCommerce store?

      We follow a holistic approach for upgrading your WooCommerce store. Our approach primarily depends on the outcomes that you expect but mostly revolve around updating the theme, customizing the storefront, marketing your store, optimizing product pages, sorting your catalog, cleansing the review and ratings section, and more!