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    Our WordPress Development Services

    We adopt a growth-focused, result-driven WordPress development technique
    that extends to the following services:

    Custom WordPress Website Development

    Do you have a distinct idea and want to translate it into a fully-functional, truly unique WordPress website? We have the tools and technologies necessary to do the job! Enjoy custom WordPress websites that are tailored to your specifications. From rich and intuitive to clean and minimalistic - your expectations are our goals.

    WooCommerce Development

    Are you looking to deploy eCommerce stores using WordPress? Then our expertise in WooCommerce will come to your aid! We create bespoke WooCommerce stores that are equipped with the necessary plugins and features to drive online sales to all-time highs!

    WordPress Plugin Development

    We help new and existing WordPress websites in expanding their capabilities by building custom plugins and extensions that unlock a world of possibilities. Our tailor-made solutions address specific concerns that may be barriers to growth or windows of new opportunities.

    API Integration and Customization

    Do you wish to augment your WordPress website with third-party software applications? We build and integrate APIs that establish secure channels of communication between systems and applications, thereby paving the way for an orchestrated collaborative experience.

    WordPress Theme Development and Customization

    WordPress websites with default themes are fail to stand out. Our WordPress theme development and customization services can elevate your standard, run-of-the-mill website into its engaging and highly responsive equivalent counterparts. Such an upgrade will improve its stickiness in your audience’s minds!

    Blog Development

    Given that WordPress is the most powerful content management system (CMS), using it to publish blogs is no rocket science. In addition to this strategic advantage, our expertise in creating specialized, scalable blog themes that will captivate audiences and have them coming back for more!

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    Benefits of Choosing Stan Ventures
    for WordPress Development

    Seasoned WordPress Developers

    Our team of highly skilled and experienced WordPress developers possess a deep and innate understanding of WordPress. As such, we trust them to execute even the most mind-boggling complexities into perfection.

    Rich and Intuitive Websites

    Whether we are building a WordPress website from scratch or upgrading an existing one, we make all efforts to infuse value into it. From adding functionalities through plugins or optimizing website performance, each action will improve your website on all fronts.

    Search Engine Optimization

    WordPress is known for being search engine-friendly. However, harnessing this advantage requires expertise. Our WordPress development process accounts for search engine optimization to help your sites rank on the SERPs.

    Proven and Tested Methodologies

    With our experience in WordPress development, you can be assured that we follow the best practices and proven methodologies that grant results. Apart from adding innovation, we also perform regular tests at every stage of the development journey so that no bugs slip past us.

    Informative Admin Panels

    We create easy-to-use and easy-to-understand admin panels that allow you to gain a hawk-eye view of all activities. By screening out all the noise and displaying the metrics that matter, webmasters would be in better control of the website. Such granular control will allow them to make smarter decisions that nurture positive outcomes.

    Lasting Support & Maintenance

    If you are looking for long-term commitment then you can never go wrong with Stan Ventures. With us, you can enjoy continued support and maintenance services to address any bugs and glitches - even after we have handed over all the deliverables! Just like you, we are in it for the long haul!


    How It Works

    Share Your Requirements

    Let us know what you want from the WordPress website. Feel free to discuss it at a high level or at a granular scale.

    Approve the Deliverables

    We will create a list of all the project requirements and deliverables and run it by you for validation.

    Sit Back and Relax

    Once all the expectations are set, we will connect you with experts who will begin WordPress development.

    Kickstart the Project

    After you approve of our team, the WordPress development team will begin work at full speed!

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    Why WordPress

    Why Choose WordPress?

    Unparalleled Popularity

    WordPress occupies nearly 65% of the CMS market share. As a result, businesses and users are already familiar with the WordPress environment. Given this trend, ideation, implementation, and adoption of WordPress platforms can be as seamless as you can imagine.

    Customizable and Flexible

    Whether you are building a fashion/lifestyle blog or selling digital products and services online, WordPress can cater to either demand. Its flexible, open-source framework allows developers to create an array of solutions to facilitate businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    Safe and Secure

    WordPress was developed with security in mind. As such, even the most basic WordPress website comes with high-quality security features put in place to safeguard it. Further, businesses can explore options to fortify security and protect their website from advanced cybersecurity threats.


    The lower setup and maintenance costs of WordPress have been one of its greatest pulls. WordPress is free to download, install, customize, and use. Hosting is all you need to pay for. Even the cost of hiring talent for WordPress customization is pocket-friendly, given the returns.

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      Do you have a Question for us?

      Do you show the WordPress design before implementing it?

      Absolutely! We work closely with our clients throughout the WordPress development process and seek explicit approval at various milestones. Even when the whole development cycle is over, we will create a mock-up site that allows you to experience the touch and feel of your website before it is ready to go live.

      Can you work on my existing WordPress website?

      Yes, of course! Whether you are looking to add more functionality or change the look and feel of your website – we would be more than happy to add some pizzazz to your existing WordPress website. Please schedule a consultation with our experts to proceed on this exciting journey!

      Do you offer custom plugins and themes?

      Yes! We have created a vast and ever-expanding library of custom themes and plugins for WordPress. All you need to do is share your requirements, and our experts will create something along those lines.